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Florence Pugh’s Home-Cooking Instagram Videos Are Here to Save You From Boredom

The “Little Women” actor cooks meals from her LA home and answers questions from fans

A triptych of Florence Pugh with her hair up in a bun, wearing a dark blue button-down and apron; a bowl of butternut squash soup; and Florence Pugh drinking white wine with ice cubes. Florence Pugh/Instagram

In times of hardship, we tend to seek comfort in life’s purest pleasures: food, sleep, and British actor Florence Pugh. Like the rest of us, the star of Midsommar and Little Women is staying home to do her part to flatten the COVID-19 curve and is channeling her anxiety into cooking. Pugh has been sharing her culinary creations (and cactus surgeries) on Instagram for a while now, amassing a fan base devoted enough for their own t-shirts.

As Pugh noted recently, now is a particularly “weird time” and we should engage in happy activities whenever possible. And for those of us whose happy activities include “watching Florence Pugh’s Instagram stories,” we’re in luck, because she’s doubling down on turning out content from her annoyingly gorgeous LA home. Watch her make ratatouille, won’t you, and listen to her dulcet voice say “oregano” with the emphasis on the re. For your next course, curl up and watch as she makes butternut squash soup with a side of potatoes and chorizo. And then shake it off by joining her for a dance in her garage.

The soothing and delightful videos, featuring a variety of angles and switching from straight-on to selfie views, showcase Pugh sharing her cooking and food philosophies: no food waste, always wash your vegetables (“Not just during corona”), how she prefers her potatoes with skin, garlic and garlic breath is great (“It’s actually more like perfume”), and how she learned to cook from her parents and television chef and cookbook author Jamie Oliver.

The best part is Pugh just having fun and distracting herself by distracting us. She “boogies,” smiles, says hello and shows off her dog, she pours glasses of white wine with ice cubes, takes far-away videos because her phone is on the charger. She answers viewer questions, and more importantly, like any good food video personality, she records herself tasting her creations. Plus, she has good taste in music, recommending indie singer-songwriter Jay Som’s “Tenderness.”

Her videos are visual Xanax and her dishes accessible — even if the kitchen she’s cooking in is not. You have to don’t take my word for it: take Paddington Bear’s. Oscar-nominated actor interacts with fictional bear in hat — these are our times.