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How Chef Daniel Boulud Makes His Signature Abalone Dish

Daniel Boulud walks chef Nyesha Arrington through the intricate process, in the premiere episode of Plateworthy

How do the dishes that grace the most hallowed restaurant halls actually come together? On Plateworthy, chef Nyesha Arrington finds out. In the premiere episode, Arrington heads to NYC institution Daniel, where she shadows legendary chef Daniel Boulud and chef de cuisine Eddy Leroux. The dish on tap today? Ormeau, a braised Kona abalone in puff pastry dish that has become a staple at the restaurant.

Boulud walks Arrington through the dish, from the provenance of the abalone itself — “the best farm-raised we have found” — to the preparation, which involves an actual hand-drawn diagram and a French cooking process called “mariniere,” to the plating, which requires a scalpel, green foam, and actual rocks.

“I think this is the best thing I ever tasted in my life,” Arrington proclaims. Check out how it’s done.

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