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Congrats, Heathens: KFC Will Soon Serve Fried Chicken Between Two Glazed Doughnuts

Plus, black restaurant owners say they never actually partnered with Pete Buttigieg, and more news to start your day

A basket of fried chicken with a glazed donut, and a piece of fried chicken in between two glazed donuts, on a table under a sign reading “kentucky fried chicken & donuts served hot”

Yes, yes, good, here we go

KFC has made a name for itself by marketing dishes and combos that make customers go, “Oh my god, are they serious?” And they are, and we eat them, because usually they’re also good, or just because the world is so chaotic we have to try them just to feel. This time, the fried chicken chain is introducing chicken and doughnuts, which comes either in a basket or as a sandwich. KFC tested the pairing last year; the sweet and savory combo, similar to chicken and waffles, isn’t uncommon at fried chicken restaurants. Does this Busby Berkeley-twirling vat of oil and fountain of glaze make you want them more, or do you yearn for the more demure Double Down?

According to a press release, the doughnut will be “glazed-to-order and served piping hot every single time,” which makes it sound like every KFC just got a bunch of new doughnut-friendly kitchen equipment. If you’re in LA on February 22, KFC will be opening the Colonel’s (Chicken &) Donut Shop pop-up. Otherwise, the pairing will be available nationwide starting February 24. And if this is too much (or...not enough?) you can also just order a doughnut as a side. Perhaps to lay atop your Famous Bowl, creating an even more powerful failure pile.

And in other news...

  • A Swiss court ruled that the Jagermeister logo, an homage to St. Hubert featuring a deer with a cross hovering above his antlers, is not offensive to Christians. [Vice]
  • Mayor Pete, who still has basically no support from black voters, says he partnered with black restaurant owners in South Carolina. Which is news to the black restaurant owners. [ABC]
  • Bud Light seltzer is already one of the top hard seltzers just weeks after launching. Probably because, and it gives us no joy to report this, the strawberry flavor is actually delicious. [CNN]
  • White Castle is adding non-dairy cheese to the menu. [FBN]
  • After doing Carpool Karaoke, James Corden and Justin Bieber served fish tacos and grilled cheese out of a food truck. [Rolling Stone]
  • This startup is trying to find “supernutrients” in plants. [Fast Company]
  • The typo “add mild or warm water” feels somehow fitting for Bloomberg’s campaign (also Bloomberg, stop making us associate you with meatballs challenge).

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