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How to Improve First Dates, According to Eater Editors

On Eater’s Digest, we talk dating strategies with our team and a bartender

arnaud’s bar
arnaud’s bar
Josh Brasted

A frequent request we get at Eater from both readers and colleagues is first date venue suggestions. People want something casual but not dumpy, busy but not too packed, a place that’s convenient but not boring. So this week on the Eater Digest podcast, we spoke with Julia Rubin and Rebecca Jennings from The Goods, a string of Eater editors and writers, and bartender Jack Schramm to discuss, assess, and analyze first date spots and strategies.

Is a tasting menu completely out of the question? What about a trap to weed out picky eaters? Do you have the date pick so you can judge them, or focus on maximizing your enjoyment of the bar? And, of course, we hear about what not to do and first dates gone awry.

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Special thanks to McGraw Wolfman, Patty Diez, Tim Forster, Stef Tuder, James Park, and Existing Conditions’ Jack Shramm for sharing their tips.