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A Mighty Paring Knife, a Sushi Track Suit, and More Things to Buy This Week

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Ellie Krupnick is executive director of editorial operations for Vox Media's lifestyle brands, and focuses on keeping Eater running smoothly. She previously edited Eater's shopping content, as well as lifestyle content on Racked, Mic, and HuffPost.

This post originally appeared on February 11, 2020, in Add to Cart — the weekly newsletter for people who love shopping (almost) as much as they love eating. Subscribe now.

I’ve developed an embarrassing habit. At dinner last night, after sitting down and giving the server my order, I instinctively grabbed my empty dinner plate and flipped it over to peek at the bottom. I had to explain myself to the other diners at my table: “Uh, sorry, but I’m, like, pretty into tableware right now.” (Nothing sounds more ridiculous than saying the word “tableware” out loud.)

But it’s true! And if you love the plate or bowl or wine glass at a restaurant, odds are the artist or brand name is etched underneath — so you can find out for yourself who made it, without having to ask the server or email the restaurant. It may be a little uncouth, but I’ve found that nothing is more efficient. Try it.

Things to buy

Things to know

  • Low-ABV drinks are very much a Thing right now, from the many canned spritzers and seltzers of last summer to liquor startup Haus and winemaker Martha Stoumen and Julia Sherman’s Jus Jus. So I’m not too surprised that Bombay Sapphire is launching fruity, floral liqueurs with 20 percent ABV (versus gin’s typical 40 to 47 percent) in England.
  • For those out in Los Angeles, Pop Up Grocer is now open for business. The pop-up shop, which spotlights startup-y snack brands with attractive packaging, is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through March 1, plus after hours for events.
  • The Riddler’s Jen Pelka and her brother Zach have launched their own wine company, Une Femme, focused on partnering with female winemakers and wine buyers. The first products are a Champagne (naturally) and a “crushable sparkling rosé.”
  • Brandless, the once-buzzy consumer-product startup that touted its lack of branding and unbelievably cheap prices (accomplished by “cutting out the middleman,” like so many online direct-to-consumer companies claim to do), is no more.
  • It’s 2020, but we’re still doing fast-food sneakers, apparently. In-N-Out’s latest: Drink Cup shoes.

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