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Hibernations started earlier than usual this year: For many of us, the past eight months have been a time of social adjustment, of settling more firmly into our own spaces (and of course, our kitchens), of considering and acknowledging what feels the most crucial, comforting, or fleetingly delightful in our daily routines. Finding pleasure in eating — wherever and whenever we could — took on a whole new urgency, and through it all, Eater at Home has brought that spirit, whether exasperated or excited or experimental, front and center.

Of course, this year’s holiday season, just like everything else, will not be the same as seasons past. So for Eater at Home for the Holidays, that “make it work” mindset continues. This might be a year of upended expectations and new traditions, but the basic building blocks of what makes a cozy holiday season are all still within our reach: the cooking (and overcooking), the searching for the most thoughtful gifts, the baking and eating and drinking, often all at the same time.

Home is where the heart is. Here’s how we’re keeping ours warm for the holidays.