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What Is the Future of Restaurant Menus?

Restaurateur Wilson Tang talks QR codes and embracing the future on Eater’s Digest

a big pile of paper menus

Many restaurants across the U.S. are adopting QR code menus to cut down on interactions between waitstaff and customers. Now that both customers and restaurant owners are used to the convenience of the digital menu, will they ever go back to paper? Or is there a level of service, humanity, and engagement that’s missing?

This week on the Eater’s Digest podcast, restaurateur Wilson Tang of Nom Wah Tea Parlor talks about the future of the QR code menu system and how the cell phone has taken over ordering and paying at his restaurants in China. He also discusses how the power dynamic between customer and restaurant owner has shifted as the expectations around hospitality changed during this pandemic.

Then, Amanda and Dan talk ferris wheel dining, delivery, and Whole Foods trend forecasting.

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