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The J Balvin x McDonald’s Merch Line Is Actually Delightful?!

Plus, the CDC releases Thanksgiving guidelines, and more news to start your day

A metal two-finger ring with a McDonald’s M arching off the top McDonald’s

J Balvin and McDonald’s released a line of merch, including rings, bedsheets, and a rug

After the wild success of the Travis Scott meal, McDonald’s tried to chase that success (and distract from its many discrimination lawsuits) with the J Balvin meal. It hasn’t been quite as successful, mostly because customers have had a hard time finding McDonald’s locations with a working McFlurry machine. But, like the Scott meal before it, the J Balvin meal is coming with some wild merch. There’s no chicken nugget pillow, but there’s essentially a set of McDonald’s brass knuckles that would definitely get you flagged by TSA.

“Not only did I want to bring my personality to the McDonald’s menu, I also wanted to share my energy and creativity in a way that elevates our partnership through an exclusive merch collection that we created with my team,” Balvin told Complex. The merch collection also includes a hot pink bedspread with a french fry design, McFlurry bucket hats, a sweatshirt in what seems very close to Nike pink, and temporary tattoos that look like a receipt of your J Balvin meal order. If this is J Balvin’s personality, then it seem’s like he got caught in a funhouse designed by Bazooka Joe. In a good way.

And in other news...

  • Chipotle is going digital for its Boorito event. [QSR]
  • The CDC released guidance on how to have a safe Thanksgiving, the main takeaway being that large, indoor gatherings with people you don’t share a home with is the riskiest possible behavior. [CNN]
  • Jack in the Box is testing out two plant-based chicken menu items. [FBN]
  • Mostly-white commercial fishermen in Nova Scotia destroyed and burned lobster catching facilities run by the Sipekne’katik First Nation, apparently angry that under treaty, First Nations people are allowed to fish outside of commercial fishing season. [Vice]
  • Bud Light is offering at-home trials of its new hard seltzer. [Fooddive]
  • Food competition shows need more Black judges. [WaPo]

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