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Krispy Kreme, Just Let Me Enjoy the Friggin’ Mini Doughnut

Plus, Little Caesars is offering delivery for the first time in its long history, and more news to start your day

Two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts on a colorful background.
Krispy Kreme debuts mini doughnuts, small versions of four classic flavors.
Photo: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme goes miniature

Krispy Kreme’s newest menu item is small, sweet, and admittedly pretty cute. The brand launched mini versions of its four most popular doughnuts: original glazed, chocolate iced glazed, chocolate iced with sprinkles, and strawberry iced with sprinkles. Available nationally as of January 6, the mini doughnuts are being sold as part of a “new year, new me” narrative, with the press release explicitly calling out the doughnuts’ calorie count (less than 100 each) in relation to New Year’s resolutions, diet plans, and “cheat days.”

“Too many people bail on their New Year’s resolutions before they are even halfway through January. That’s no good. Sometimes a mini-indulgence, or cheat, is all you need to help you stick with it. So, we miniaturized our most popular doughnuts. A little Krispy Kreme goes a long way,” said Dave Skena, the company’s chief marketing officer, in the release.

Krispy Kreme, you’re a doughnut company. No need to try to insert yourself into the sanctimony of diet culture. Just peddle your sugary fried dough and be done with it, without assigning moral value to food one way or another!

To entice customers to try the new mini doughnuts, participating Krispy Kreme stores are giving them away for free every Monday in January between 4 and 7 p.m.

And in other news…

  • For its nearly 61 years of existence, Little Caesars has never offered delivery — until now, through a partnership with DoorDash. Orders will come in through Little Caesars’ website and app and then will be fulfilled by DoorDash services. Pizza, pizza! [Reuters]
  • Yum Brands, the company behind Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC, has acquired fast-casual chain The Habit Burger Grill. [Yahoo]
  • Starbucks finally gets in on the oat milk craze, with new oat milk honey lattes offered at stores across the Midwest. [Insider]
  • On being a picky eater, and growing out of it. [The Outline]
  • Someone is selling a supposedly manatee-shaped chicken tender (originally purchased at Culver’s) on Facebook Marketplace for $5,000. [Orlando Weekly]
  • A woman in Florida was arrested for allegedly threatening McDonald’s employees by vowing to get dipping sauce “by any necessary” on New Year’s Day. Happy 2020! [Newsweek]
  • Stacking plates after dining out to make bussing the table easier: actually helpful or not? (For the record, one Eater staffer says: “Absolutely not.”) Let the Twitter debate commence!

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