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Food Writers’ 2020 Dining Resolutions

Eater’s Digest digs into how staffers plan to eat better (not healthier!) in 2020

Breads Bakery rugelach
Breads Bakery Rugelach
Photographs by Con Poulos

Working out more. Eating out less. Eating fewer carbs. Drinking less booze. Dryuary. Veganuary. We discuss none of those things on this week’s resolution-themed episode of Eater’s Digest! Instead we get into how Eater staffers and food writers want to change their dining and cooking habits in the New Year, including trying new and different neighborhoods, eating food that’s past its expiration date, and making bread-baking femme again.

Then we get into the biggest food stories of the week, including the latest gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show, Kim Kardashian’s pantry tour, and so much more.

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