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Daniel Humm and NoMad Hotel Owners Negotiating a Split

Sydell Group seeks control of NoMad restaurants

Daniel Humm at Harvard 5 Rachel Leah Blumenthal

In July, the dynamic duo of Will Guidara and chef Daniel Humm split up, ending a celebrated eight-year partnership responsible for turning fine dining temple Eleven Madison Park into one of the most sought-after reservations in the world and transforming the NoMad from a one-city showstopper into a tight chain of high-end restaurants that stretches from LA to London. Now comes word that Humm, who took sole control of Make It Nice, the pair’s restaurant group, may end his current partnership with the NoMad Hotel.

According to sources in and outside both organizations, Sydell Group, which owns the NoMad Hotel, the Line, and various other hotel brands, seeks to take control of the restaurants in the NoMad hotels in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and within Las Vegas’ Park MGM. While the New York and Los Angeles deals are fairly straightforward, sources say the negotiations in Vegas and London are complicated by additional investors and stakeholders, and the outcome is less clear.

If Humm exits all NoMad properties, he’ll be left with Eleven Madison Park, newly opened Davies and Brook in the Claridge’s Hotel in London, fast casual restaurant Made Nice, and the forthcoming restaurant at 425 Park Avenue in New York. It represents a dramatic shift in his restaurant portfolio and the size of his company.

Notably, bartender Leo Robitschek, one of the major stars of the Make it Nice universe who turned the bars across the restaurant group into destinations in their own right, already decamped to work for Sydell Group in December and now oversees beverage direction for all properties. According to two industry insiders, Sydell Group reps have been casting around for talent to take over the various NoMad restaurant properties, as well as publicists to handle the relaunch of the restaurants once a plan is in place.

Representatives for Sydell and Make it Nice declined to provide official statements or comments at this time.