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Watch the Fab Five Group-Text Their Way to Tokyo in ‘Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!’ Trailer

The gang will be joined by some guest guides during their stay in Japan

The first trailer for the long-promised Tokyo season of Queer Eye is here. In the clip, the members of the Fab Five — food expert Antoni Porowski, grooming maven Jonathan Van Ness, fashion guru Tan France, interior designer Bobby Berk, and general life coach Karamo Brown — make the decision to go to Japan during a long group text exchange with model/actor Kiko Mizuhara. The trailer for this mini-season, which was filmed in Tokyo last January, also teases a special appearance by Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe.

The We’re in Japan! announcement caps off a summer that was otherwise full of Queer Eye controversies. Last month three people of color at working at an Old Navy in Philadelphia alleged that they were shoed off camera while white staffers were bussed in during a shoot for Netflix’s makeover show. Old Navy denied the claims, and both Tan France and Netflix dismissed any notion that discrimination was at play, with the fashion expert writing, “I had one person join me on camera, from Old Navy. She was African American.”

Karamo Brown also faced a wave of backlash on social media two weeks ago after referring to his future Dancing With the Stars co-star Sean Spicer as “a good guy, really sweet guy.” After responding to a few of his critics on Twitter with a defense of his comments about Spicer and his willingness to “engage in respectful conversations” with the former White House press secretary, Brown deactivated his account and turned the comments off on his Instagram feed. In sunnier Queer Eye-related news, Antoni’s new guacamole-less cookbook is apparently pretty good.

The four episode Tokyo season of Queer Eye lands on Netflix November 1. Stay tuned for updates from the Queer Eye universe as they become available.

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