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Heinz Leans Into Brexit Early With Its Most Austere Can of Beans Yet

Plus, Bud Light gets dinged for false advertising, and more news to start your day

A blue and black can of Heinz baked beans on a white background. Shutterstock

For those in need of just one baked bean

British people love baked beans. Along with “having a queen” and “rudeness masked as politeness,” it’s part of their culture. Hence, this story: a Bristol man ripped open a can of Heinz baked beans and mystery red sauce, only to discover one single bean inside. True to British form, he didn’t get angry, and instead resorted to a courteous tweet to the company. Heinz responded apologetically, noting that the average can of baked beans should contain approximately 464 more beans.

Of course, if the can had just one bean in it and nothing else, you might imagine it would be very light, and most people would realize something was amiss as soon as they pick it up off the supermarket shelf. That wasn’t the case here — the man purchased the beans online, and in any case, the can was full of sauce, and weighed about the same as any regular can of baked beans (plural).

And in other news...

  • A federal court has ordered Anheuser-Busch InBev (the parent company of Budweiser) to remove claims that it doesn’t use corn syrup from Bud Light packages because it implies that other major beer choices do. [AdAge]
  • Here’s a good explanation for how White Claw and other spiked seltzers got popular so quickly: the taxes on them are typically the same as beer products, since most of them don’t contain hard liquors like vodka. [Intelligencer]
  • Swine flu has killed off about one-third of China’s pigs (100 million) — now, the government is planning to open up its emergency pork reserves to help stabilize the situation. [CNN]
  • Chick-fil-A opens its first Canadian store this week in Toronto (well, not counting a failed attempt to open in Alberta several years ago). Will there be angry Canadians disapproving of the chain’s heavily Christian, anti-gay ethos? Probably. [AJC]
  • An Australian vegan took her neighbor to court for grilling too much fish on a backyard barbecue. Now, someone has retaliated, proposing a huge cook-out at the neighbor’s house. With several thousand RSVPs on Facebook, it looks like many more shrimp will be thrown on the barbie. [Vice]
  • In New York, a mystery tomato plant has sprouted out of wooden pilings alongside the Brooklyn Bridge. More accidental urban agriculture, please! [NYT]
  • The newest Pokémon is a ghost that lives in a teapot? And it’s purple, blobular, and vaguely resembles the eggplant emoji? [Polygon]