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Del Taco Has a Line of Churro-Scented Essential Oils Because ‘Wellness’ Is Everywhere

Plus, meat crime, and more news to start your day

Three essential oil bottles surrounded by chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar.
Essential oils in chocolate, churro, and vanilla scents.
Photo: Del Taco

“Self-care!” cries taco chain

Del Taco is branching into Goop territory with a new “Craveable Sweets & Scents” aromatherapy set of essential oils available starting October 1, in honor of the taco chain’s new “mini churro dipper” milkshake. This isn’t the first time a fast-food brand has gotten into the scents game — KFC introduced a gravy-scented candle, Burger King a Whopper-scented perfume, White Castle a burger-scented candle — but unlike its predecessors, Del Taco is playing it safe and traditional with vanilla, chocolate, and churro scents. Where’s the taco-scented essential oil, you coward?? The savory-over-sweet types who want a room to reek of wet burrito plato deserve marketing gimmicks, too!

And in other news…

  • Employment for chefs continues to fall, but employment for cooks has grown to an all-time high, according to data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [Chef’s Pencil]
  • Another one of those “feel-good” stories that should be more of an indictment of wages and labor in the U.S.: A single mom who, for the past year, has been walking an hour to her job at KFC because she couldn’t afford transportation, was given a car by after her boss entered her in a company drawing. [CBS News]
  • Two executives of a now-defunct meat company pled guilty to selling $1 million worth of contaminated, uninspected beef to federal prisons. [New Food Economy]
  • The state of New York is suing Dunkin’ over a data breach that affected 20,000 customers. [Restaurant Business]
  • Excellent advice on letting your kid run around a restaurant: don’t do it! [Slate]
  • How fast food uses the idea of “choice” to serve unhealthy food. [Quartz]
  • I’m just going to guess this is the first T-shirt made out of milk. [Insider]
  • There is a mobile game in which all you do is peel fruit and it is called I Peel Good. [@tejalrao/Twitter]
  • Yes:

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