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Get Into the Meatless Halloween Spirit With This Sexy Beyond Burger Costume

Plus more bizarre food costumes to look out for this Halloween

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Three photos of a woman dressed as a meatless burger.

Yandy, an online retailer that specializes in ridiculous “sexy” Halloween costumes, has released its slate of 2019 creations, and several food-themed garments made the cut.

Arguably the most notable, in terms of being trendiness and outlandishness, is the sexy Beyond Burger costume, complete with a “plant-based” flag hat and “Not Grade A Certified” stamp across the butt. Fake meat brands like Beyond and Impossible are shaking up the fast food game, and now you can turn your Halloween party on its head by dressing up as 2019’s hottest — and hottest — plant-based meat alternative sandwich.

A woman wearing a dress that looks like a hamburger.

Curiously, this costume uses the name of America’s most popular fake meat in its promotional copy, but the lack of a trademark suggests that it is not, in fact, a fully-authorized Beyond Burger product, so the Yandy team might have to break out the sexy lawyer costumes soon.

Here’s a look at all the other new food-related Halloween costumes that are now on sale:

Tater Thot

A woman dressed up like a tater tot.

Considering the wild popularity of tatchos, it’s too bad Yandy didn’t include some sort of melted cheese headgear.

Let the Fun Be-Gin

A woman in a green gin bottle costume.

Move over DuffMan, there’s a new anthropomorphized booze bottle who’s soaking up all the shine this Halloween.

Guacward Avocado

A woman dressed up like a giant avocado.

Just half an avocado out here looking to have some fun with a friendly toast slice (and maybe a frisky wedge of lemon).

Eggplant Emoji

A woman dressed up like a giant eggplant.

Rumor has it Prince used to wear something like this to basketball practice.

Once in a Melon

A woman dressed up like a watermelon.

In case you’re wondering what Rory Gilmore is up to these days, the answer is, apparently, modeling watermelon costumes.

Pumpkin Spice Onesie

A man and a woman dressed in pumpkin onesie jump suits.

$47.95 seems like a lot for these orange rompers, but at least they can also be trotted out for the next Gathering of the Juggalos.

Cauliflower Pizza

A woman wearing a cauliflower-themed dress.

Nice try, Yandy, but 2019 is actually the year of cauliflower gnocchi. Please do some research at Trader Joe’s before drawing up new costume ideas next year.

And in case Yandy really wants to sell some cheap nylon to food-lovers out there, here are a few of our own suggestions for possible costumes: Sexy Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich, Sexy Restaurant Critic Visiting the Olive Garden, Sexy Takedown of Orange Wine, Sexy Electric Pressure Cooker, Sexy “Sense of Place,” Sexy Personal Essay About How Dining Alone Is Good, Sexy Pizza Scissors, Sexy Listeria Recall.

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