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Watch the Season 2 Trailer for Netflix’s Eye-Opening Food Series ‘Rotten’

This new season will explore the avocado, bottled water, and cannabis edibles industry, among others

Rotten, a documentary series exploring corruption in the food world, returns to Netflix for its second season on October 4. The first series — which premiered back in January 2018 — offered a sobering look at the garlic, poultry, cod, honey, milk, and peanut industries. This time around, the series will cover six new topics. Here are the episode titles and what you can expect:

The Avocado War: A look at how the popularity of avocados has lead producers to source the fruit from Michoacán, Mexico, where the avocado trade is plagued by violence from local cartels.

Reign of Terroir: How the booming wine industry in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France is causing discord between growers and buyers.

Troubled Water: A behind-the-scenes look at the bottled water industry and its damage to the environment.

A Sweet Deal: A big sugar exposé, exploring how the top companies exert their power over farmers.

Bitter Chocolate: A survey of the problems with the chocolate trade, with special emphasis on working conditions for bean growers.

High on Edibles: A look at the regulatory issues that are rampant in the exploding legal cannabis industry, particularly regarding ingredients and labeling.

Just like last season, viewers can expect to see hour-long surveys of these topics with information both from insiders and experts who track every move of these industries. All six hour-long episodes will be available on Netflix starting October 4.

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