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Watch Stephen Colbert’s Fake Commercial for Fake Meat

It’s for a new product called the “Implausible Burger”

Even though he’s not totally on board with the trend, Stephen Colbert is well aware of the fact that “plant-based burger alternatives” are so popular right now that restaurants are actually running out of fake meat to serve to customers. “The Impossible Burger has shown that there is a huge market out there for people who don’t want to eat meat, but who want something so close to meat that they can’t tell the difference,” Colbert explains in a clip from last night’s show. With this trend in mind, the late-night host decides to introduce a new, very timely sponsor: the Implausible Burger, a product that is “so believably meat it can give you salmonella.”

The ad for this product begins with a happy couple digging into two Implausible Burgers only to be told by the announcer that it’s “the only burger alternative to probably not be meat.” Another pair of diners is also shown taking a bite, while the mysterious announcer proclaims that, ”No one likes all the problems with eating animals, so the Implausible Burger allows you to plausibly believe that you aren’t.” The clip also includes a cartoon of “fresh veggies” being carted into one side of the Implausible Burger’s “blind processing plant” as cows enter the other side of the building and a factory worker shrugs. “Every Implausible Burger exists in an unknowable quantum state,” the announcer explains. “It’s like Schrodinger’s cat — and may contain some cat.”

Watch the full phony commercial in the clip above, and for more Impossible Burger-related comedy, please check out Eater’s guide to potential new fake meat names.

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