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I’m Out, Man: ‘Shark Tank’ Judge Kevin O’Leary Estimates He Spends $1K a Day on Food

Plus, McDonald’s is McStopped from trademarking its “Mc” in Europe, and more news to start your day

Shark Tank judges Babara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary hug on set. Getty

$200 buys you a lot of breakfast

Shark Tank judge and one-time wannabe CEO of Canada Kevin O’Leary reportedly spends about $1,000 per day on food, according to an interview with CNBC. The reason? He says he often needs to do business meals three times a day. Unfortunately, CNBC didn’t provide details on the types of restaurants O’Leary frequents, but the Shark did admit to spending $200 on breakfast on the day of the interview. Even at an expensive restaurant, a $200 breakfast is a pretty tall order, unless O’Leary is downing a lot of mimosas made with pricy Champagne.

O’Leary notes that he always picks up the check, but a $200 breakfast (assuming it’s with two people) still incredibly extravagant. Factoring in dinner makes $1,000 per day feel like less of a stretch, since there’s no shortage of places where you can run up that kind of bill in cities like New York. That said, O’Leary cops to doing this five days a week — before going on to say that “You should think about what you’re putting into your mouth every day.”

Next time a high-ranking finance guru criticizes millennials for their coffee spending habits, we’ll at least have O’Leary’s daily tab as a good retort.

And in other news...

  • McDonald’s McCan’t McStop other companies in Europe from using the prefix “Mc” in most situations, following a recent challenge from Irish fast food chain Supermac’s. In short, McDonald’s was only allowed to keep its trademark “Mc” for products where it regularly and consistently used it, such as McNuggets and various sandwiches. [Yahoo]
  • Some senators are calling for a ban on importing chocolate from Ivory Coast, due to the use of child labor on farms in the country — but the Ivorian first lady claims this would hurt the country’s attempts to eliminate child labor. [WaPo]
  • Food is already becoming more scarce due to climate change, but a UN study found ways to counter this, including specific farming techniques and encouraging people to eat more plants. [AP]
  • Proposed tariffs from the Trump administration will affect the vast majority of European cheeses imported to the U.S., and could cause them to double in price. [Food & Wine]
  • A Washington, D.C., server was fired after disapproving of a customer wearing a Trump campaign pin, even though the interaction was short and not particularly dramatic. [WaPo]
  • Stuffed dormouse, grilled pork, and lots of seafood (including fish gut sauce) would have been on the menu if you went to a feast in Pompeii. [NYT]
  • Now that’s customer service. [Twitter]

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