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The New Egg Mascot on ‘The Masked Singer’ Brings Up a Lot of Questions, Few of Them Good

Why is an egg wearing an egg?

The egg, a new mascot on The Masked Singer, is a person with an egg head and a fried egg hat. Fox Broadcasting/The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a competition show on Fox where notable performers don mascot costumes and perform for a panel of judges — Crazy Rich Asians’s Ken Jeong, noted anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy, noted anti-abortion advocate Nicole Scherzinger, and noted “I know you want it” sayer Robin Thicke — who then attempt to guess who it is with an inspiring though misguided optimism. “Lady Gaga!” they yell, only to discover the masked lion is Rumer Willis; “Zac Efron or Hugh Jackman,” they cry at a man in a peacock costume who turns out to be Donny Osmond; the unicorn, they suggest could be Kim Kardashian, but she’s not because she’s Tori Spelling.

The series, hosted by Nick Cannon, is somehow very successful and will soon return for a second season with all new mascots including...

This egg.

What’s its deal? No, I don’t mean who is the celebrity hiding inside the egg because the answer could be anyone from Drake (actually Danny Bonaduce) to Taylor Swift (Julie from The Real World: New Orleans). I want to know the deal with the actual egg man, who seemingly has an egg for a head and also a fried egg for a hat.

Usually, I wouldn’t think twice about a man with an egg head, but we’re talking about an egg that’s wearing a dead egg on the top of his goddamn dome and we’re all supposed to pretend like it’s normal? Sorry, like a painting of a pig pouring barbecue sauce on his belly to advertise a smoke house, that’s not right.

Who is the fried egg to the egg man? His brother? A stranger? Does it matter? And why is his face so frozen in permanent glee, as if rejoicing in his crime, daring us to care, to speak up? Could any other humanoid mascot get away with this? It’s gory and garish — imagine me wearing a fried PERSON a-top my head! — so I’d like to think no, but society continues to disappoint me.

Hopefully, if the grinning and gruesome egg man insists upon sporting this violent talisman on air, the judges, Cannon, and Fox will all condemn it, perhaps even pelting Egg Man with his own kind, to see how funny he finds egg murder then. Or maybe he’ll explain himself, revealing a larger performance art piece on a culture that cannibalizes itself.

Until then, I ask: ‘tha fuck is up with this egg?

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