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KFC’s Fake Chicken Test Sold Out in Five Hours

Plus, Costco is selling a $900, 72-pound wheel of cheese, and more news to start your day

A KFC store decorated with green coloring and “Beyond Fried Chicken” promotional materials, with a long line of customers waiting outside the store.
Customers queued around the building to be the first to try KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken.
Photo: AP Images for Beyond Meat

KFC sells out of Beyond Fried Chicken in five hours

First Popeyes, now KFC — it seems everyone is running out of fried chicken (or approximations thereof) this week. On Tuesday, KFC became the first national fast-food chain to introduce plant-based chicken in the U.S., partnering with Beyond Meat to create a “Beyond Fried Chicken” product only available at one Atlanta location for a limited test. The test proved so popular that lines wrapped around the building, and the store sold out of the faux chicken in less than five hours. KFC called it a “Kentucky Fried Miracle” and told the New York Times that the restaurant sold as many of the Beyond boneless wings and nuggets that day as it would normally sell of its popcorn chicken in an entire week.

While the chicken alternative itself is free from animal-based ingredients, a company representative clarified via email that KFC’s kitchen is a shared kitchen, meaning that the Beyond nuggets and wings could be cooked in the same oil as regular chicken. As for how it actually tastes, reviews seem mixed. A writer for Insider called the nuggets “mediocre” and wrote that she “could definitely tell” she wasn’t eating chicken. A writer for Digital Trends, meanwhile, wrote that the Beyond Fried Chicken had the taste and texture of real chicken, albeit the kind served as nuggets in school cafeterias.

Update 11:38 a.m.: This post has been updated with a clarification on whether or not the Beyond Fried Chicken is vegan.

And in other news…

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  • After dozens of workers’ complaints of sexual harassment — including “groping, indecent exposure, propositions for sex, and lewd comments by supervisors” — that have resulted in lawsuits against McDonald’s, the fast-food giant is rolling out new workplace violence and harassment training. [The Hill]
  • Also in McDonald’s news, customers in more than 10,000 U.S. locations can now get their Big Mac and McNugget cravings satisfied via DoorDash delivery. [CBS News]
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  • Hershey, in another attempt to shore up its snacks business, is purchasing protein bar maker One Brands for $397 million. [Food Dive]
  • The world’s new largest grapefruit, at more than 7 pounds and 14 ounces, is about the weight of a girthy chihuahua or a newborn baby. [CNN]
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