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Coors Light Invites You to Take Your Bra Off, Because You’ve Earned It

Women are often used in beer advertising, but rarely are they — and their boobs — advertised to

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A woman’s discarded bra lays slung over framed photos on a glass side table with the words “The official beer of being done wearing a bra.” Coors

Beer ads and boobs have long been synonymous: Look to the St. Pauli girl and Old Milwaukee’s Swedish Olympic Bikini Team, or to more recent examples like this Bud Light Lime ad featuring a topless Arianny Celeste squeezing lime juice on herself, a patently bad idea when working so close to various body holes. But very rarely are these ads marketed towards people who actually HAVE breasts — at least until now.

A new ad from Coors Light, a part of the brand’s “Made to Chill” campaign, features a woman getting home, kicking off her shoes, cracking open a can of Coors and, in a moment that some of us will deeply relate to, unclipping and discarding her bra for the day.

There are few greater feelings than taking off your shoes and bra after a long day of work, a seemingly small gesture with a greater meaning — releasing the girls is releasing the pressure of being “on” or putting in effort to something besides your own comfort. Be they pert, full, low, or small, your tits are finally clocking out.

Of course, all commercials have a singular goal, which is to sell you a product. What’s remarkable in this case, however, is that advertisers now see marketing beer to independent, working women as a viable, worthwhile strategy.

“We certainly had conversations about [the ad] because it is so different: Not only is it a female led spot but she’s having a moment alone. We thought it was most important to recognize real moments, what people are actually doing,” Coors Light marketing manager Chelsea Parker told Kate Bernot, reporter and beer expert at the Takeout.

While there’s no such thing as feminist advertising, woman-friendly and relatable advertising is much more preferable than women being used in ads merely as objects and walking billboards.

That said, true equality will only be enjoyed when a woman in a commercial takes off her shoes and bra, and enjoys a beer that’s full of carbs.

Update: August 23, 2019, 1:28 p.m.: This article was updated to reflect that the Coors Light ad is broadcasted, and not only distributed digitally.