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Big Soda Might Be About to Crush Lacroix

Plus, food foams are back in style, and more news to start your day.

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Lacroix’s sales might be going to La-crap

Flavored water brand Lacroix might have transformed bubbly, sugar and sweetener-free liquids into a popular product, but it’s increasingly looking like the spoils will go to big soda companies that have muscled in on Lacroix’s turf. According to a deep dive by Bloomberg, Lacroix’s sales are continuing to go down — they were labeled as being in “free fall” earlier this year, too. The stocks of its parent company, National Beverage Corp., aren’t faring any better. Bloomberg puts some of the blame on company founder Nick Caporella, for being overconfident. While Lacroix marketed itself well and became largely popular, making carbonated water isn’t a particularly high-tech endeavor, so it was pretty easy for companies like PepsiCo to get in on those sales — which it did, with its new sparkling water brand Bubly. Pepsi and Coca-Cola (which bought Texan water brand Topo Chico) have the added advantage of huge distribution channels, giving them a solid competitive edge against the much-smaller Lacroix.

There’s another way to frame this, though — that Lacroix is just going back to the cult popularity from whence it came. After all, it had been around for a couple decades before it hit the big-time around five years ago

And in other news...

  • Food-based foams, a staple of the molecular gastronomy movement, are BACK, declares the Times. [NYT]
  • In prison, a birthday cake made by fellow inmates can be a lone comfort. [Post-Courier]
  • A Florida raccoon has been apprehended for doing summer right: it crawled into a high school vending machine, and the cops were called to set the li’l guy free. [Kansas City Star]
  • University of Virginia scientists say they’re getting closer to figuring out how certain tick bites can cause an unusual allergy to red meat in humans. [Gizmodo]
  • One-time sparkling water darling Lacroix continues to falter, as big soda companies muscle in on its turf. [Bloomberg]
  • The Popeye’s sandwich fever of this week has probably required the slaughter of anywhere from 600,000 to over a million chickens, according to some very loose math. [Mel Magazine]
  • The U.S. has suspended imports of Brazilian beef due to safety concerns. [NYT]
  • Here’s a first-hand experience from inside the Taco Bell hotel that the chain recently opened (as a pop-up) in Palm Springs, California. [Conde Nast Traveler]
  • The definitely not-educational and not-a-museum Museum of Ice Cream is morphing into a permanent fixture for New York City. [Newswire]
  • Chick-fil-A is preparing to open its first restaurant in Toronto, and it may not get the warmest welcome. [TO Blog]

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