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Justice Department Finds $4 Million Worth of ‘American’ Crab Is Actually Imported

Plus, a teen maybe tweets from her fridge, and more news to start your day.

A Chesapeake Bay blue crab on a white background.
Blue crab

This news will make you crabby

A North Carolina seafood company is in hot water after it allegedly told employees to label 180,000 pounds of imported crab meat as a product of the U.S, which adds up to around $4 million in sales. According to New Food Economy, the potential fraud occurred at Capt. Neill’s Seafood Inc., and ran from 2012 to 2015, with the company’s owner and president actively ordering crab from South America and Asia to be labelled as American.

This kind of mislabelling is an ongoing problem, particularly with the type of Chesapeake Bay blue crab that’s at the center of this scandal — and this is one of the few times that laws about this kind of fraud have worked. While there are clear but sometimes ineffective laws about mislabeling like this, it’s happens around the world — last year, one watchdog group found that one-fifth of some 25,000 seafood samples were mislabelled. The company behind this case will be required to compensate customers, pay a hefty fine, and take out some public-shamey ads admitting what they’ve done in newspapers.

And in other news...

  • British restaurant critic Jay Rayner contemplates where to eat if you don’t have long to live, following a question from a reader. [Guardian]
  • The Times has a deep-dive into the history of the American sugar industry, which was reliant on slave labor. [NYT]
  • The Canadian A&W chain (which is totally separate to the American one, and much larger) allegedly kept a secret watch list with the aim of preventing employees from unionizing. [PressProgress]
  • Some states are considering “fair workweek” bills that would require restaurant owners to fix shifts for low-income employees two weeks ahead of time — and pay more if an employer asks for last-minute changes. [NRN]
  • It looks like Starbucks will roll out the Pumpkin Spice Latte earlier than ever, on August 27, hardly a day that has appropriate weather for hot drinks in most of the country. [Business Insider]
  • After her mom confiscated her phone, a teenager reportedly figured out how to tweet from her family’s smart refrigerator — or did she? In an extremely low-stakes investigation, the internet now thinks it might be a hoax. [Guardian/Twitter]
  • Thanks, Clickhole. [Instagram]

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