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Fruits! They’re Cute!

High in fiber, higher in cuteness

A fluffy hamster considers eating a golden cherry stock_shot/

There are plenty of reasons to eat fruit, whether it’s cut for you or not. It’s refreshing and sweet, it’s not terrible for you, and — maybe least importantly, but important still — it’s pretty to look at. More so than its vegetable brethren, fruit is adorable: small and colorful, you can cup it in the palm of your hand. A toddler with a rim of watermelon stained around its mouth is a nightmare to its parents, but to those who don’t have to wash sticky hands and faces , it’s the clarion call of warm and sunny days ahead.

But not all fruit is created equally cute and there is indeed a hierarchy, which we will explore here with the 15 cutest fruits that grow on our green earth. Keep in mind, this list is definitive and will be edited under no circumstances.

15. Clementines

Mandarin fruits grow abundant on a tree. Photo by Miguel Candela/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Easy to peel, chonky mandarins are literally marketed and sold as “Cuties.”

14. Rambutan

Orangutans enjoy a buffet of rambutan. Photo by Christoph Sator/picture alliance via Getty Images

These spiky lil guys are a brightly colored fuzz ball package with a sweet surprise inside.

13. Kiwis

A farmer holds exotic fruits from experimental gardens. Photo by Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/picture alliance via Getty Images

Kiwi fruit are the cutest, but only when cut in half; otherwise they look like balls.

12. Raspberries

A child wears raspberries on each finger. Prostock-studio/

They’re tiny, tasty hats for your fingertips.

11. Cherries

A monkey has a cold fruity treat. TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images

Like precious rubies you can eat!

10. Peaches

Ripe peaches grow on a branch during a sunny day. Leena Robinson/

Aw, they’re like juicy li’l pink butts.

9. Starfruit

A smoothie bowl featuring a starfruit slice. Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The only fruit to remind you what to reach for...

8. Apricots

A squirrel snacks on an apricot at the base of a tree. Photo by Huseyin Demirci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

If they’re cute enough for this squirrel, they’re cute enough for you.

7. Kumquats

A kumquat grows on the branch. Photo by Aric Crabb/Digital First Media/Bay Area News via Getty Images

Sort of like a clementine, but even TINIER.

6. Sungold tomatoes

A white dish of sorbet, surrounded by sliced sungolds. Photo by Dixie D. Vereen/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Debating whether or not tomatoes should be included on this list? NOT CUTE.

5. Watermelon

It’s a hippo snackin’ on melon. Photo by Tang Ke/VCG via Getty Images

There’s a reason watermelon’s been nicknamed “red cuties” and it’s because they’re cute.

4. Quince

Quince on the branch. Photo by: Geography Photos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

It’s like an apple and a pear had a little baby.

3. Mangosteen

Purple mangosteens in a basket at Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok. Photo by John S Lander/LightRocket via Getty Images

Two quote Eater’s Monica Burton, mangosteen is cute enough to merit its own Pokémon.

2. Wild strawberries

Small wild strawberries and their flowers grow on the vine. Juha Hopponen/

Strawberries are mostly cute, but WILD strawberries are PRECIOUS and come with teensy flowers.

1. Blueberries

A puppy helps itself to a basket of blueberries. Lightfield Studios/

Plump, squat, and packed with antioxidants, blewbs are the cutest of all the fruits.

This has been some cute-ass fruits.

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