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Watch the Trailer for ‘Queer Eye’ Season 4, Featuring a Visit to Jonathan’s High School

The new Season of Netflix’s hit lifestyle show premieres on July 19

The members of the Fab Five are headed back to Kansas City for another round of makeovers — and this time, it’s personal.

The new trailer for Queer Eye Season 4 shows grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness returning to his Missouri high school with the rest of his crew — food obsessive Antoni Porowski, style maven Tan France, interior designer Bobby Berk, and culture guide Karamo Brown — to treat his former orchestra teacher, Kathi, to a major makeover. “You’ve literally saved people’s lives, mine included,” Jonathan tells her in the clip. While many episodes of Queer Eye feature biographical details about the members of the Fab Five, this is the first episode to focus on an important figure from one of their lives.

It looks like the members of the Fab Five will also be working with a farmer who’s never spoken to a gay person before, a young man who’s still adjusting to life in a wheelchair, and a dad who’s seemingly learning to use a frying pan for the first time. The trailer also indicates that, as usual, this season will include its fair share of heavy moments, particularly in Karamo’s life-counseling segments. At one point in the trailer, Brown tells one of the “heroes” getting the makeover, “You’re stable, you’re loving, you took care of your parents, don’t compare yourself to them — you are not a failure.”

All eight episodes of the new season drop on Netflix next Friday, July 19. The Queer Eye stars also filmed a mini season in Tokyo recently, and they’re working on a new Philadelphia- batch of makeovers, but no word yet on when those will see the light of day.

In other Queer Eye news, one of the guys who got a makeover in Season 2, William Mahnken, has a brief cameo in the first episode of Stranger Things Season 3, playing one of the idiot reporters at the town newspaper. William and his wife Shannan also appear briefly in the Italian restaurant scene in the second episode. And in yet even more Queer Eye news, Antoni tells GQ about his must-have home goods, and the food expert and the rest of his colleagues appear in a new video for Netflix where they try to out-charm each other by giving compliments like, “I can’t see any stars, because you outshine them all.” Here’s that silly, but fun clip of the Fab Five joking around:

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