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British Publicity Stunt Will Pay Someone $400 to Eat Too Many Cookies

Plus, cement milkshakes (they don’t exist), and more news to start your day


When you think about it, it’s not as dreamy as it sounds

British company Maryland Cookies is hiring a cookie taster as a ploy for internet attention. It’s paid at $440 for one day of chowing down on baked goods, and the taster can even bring a friend. Of course, it looks like a dream job, but there’s a very obvious catch: It’s only for one day. Even then, being paid to eat cookies for a few hours might seem dreamy, but think about it: The average person might enjoy two or three cookies, maybe even four or five for those with a sweet tooth. But eight hours of sampling cookies? That seems like a surefire way to ruin any enjoyment of baked goods for most people.

Anyway, pity the poor administrative employee who has to shuffle through thousands of applications to figure out who holds the right skill set to eat cookies and give a thumbs up or down.

And in other news...

  • The Beyond Meat and Impossible burgers might be better for the planet than red meat, but dietitians say that they’re not really a whole lot healthier than regular ground meat burgers (mostly because they’re processed). [CNBC]
  • Despite Portland police saying otherwise, it seems almost certain that Antifa did not make milkshakes with quick dry cement to throw at alt-right figures during a protest last weekend. [Snopes]
  • New York City has made its ban on CBD (cannabis component cannabidiol) in food and drinks more official: Starting in October, anyone selling CBD lattes or other products with the oil in it could face fines of $250 to $600. [The Cut]
  • Venezuela’s ongoing economic crisis means that people are ditching beer (due to its high price) and turning to Cocuy, a tequila-adjacent agave-based liquor. [NPR]
  • Fifty people ran off without paying from a Liverpool restaurant after a fire alarm caused its evacuation. It cost the restaurant around 1,000 pounds ($1,250), and the owner was not amused by this little “saved by the bell” stunt. [Metro]
  • Meet the Florida gator who loves bagels. [Newsweek]
  • Rapper Lil Nas X made paninis with Gordon Ramsay, complete with unnecessary large sharp kitchen utensils. [Twitter]

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