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Twitter Roasts NYT Columnist David Brooks Over Boneheaded Tweet About Tipping

Nothing bring Twitter together quite like a terrible take on restaurant workers

If you’re ever searching for a textbook example of “being ratioed” — i.e. the phenomenon of a tweet getting way more negative comments than faves or shares — then look no further than this fresh take from conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks.

This tweet suggests that Brooks sees restaurant servers as disingenuous tricksters who only put on happy masks when they hear the jingle-jangle of a purse overflowing with coins. And clearly, an insufficient amount of groveling from the plebes puts Lord Brooks in a foul mood. After firing off this missive, he likely retired to his chamber, put on his sleeping cap and gown, and hoisted himself upon hillock of high thread-count sheets to dream sweet dreams of the $100,000 vacation that he took in 2015, when the Times footed the bill.

While this tweet is definitely not a good look for a columnist who writes about income inequality, it is perhaps not surprising coming the guy who once wrote about saving his friend from the trauma of ordering an intimidating Italian cold cut sandwich at a highfalutin delicatessen. Understandably, this tweet inspired many jeers from other social media users as well as some hilarious parodies. Twitter, please take it away:

Brooks has yet to respond to any of these tweets, but this is easily the most attention he’s received for one of his opinions since the great sandwich debacle of 2017.

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Heroic Columnist Saves Uneducated Friend From Embarrassing Meal at Sandwich Restaurant [E]

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