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Aliens Freed at the Area 51 Facebook Event Will Have Nothing to Eat but Free Arby’s

Plus, a new bill in Congress to target “lunch shaming” from schools, and more news to start your day

Arby’s Flickr
Mike Mozart

Love conspiracy theories? Think Arby’s.

Sandwich purveyors and lovers of meat Arby’s are crafting some kind of special menu to serve at ultra-secretive U.S. military zone Area 51, with the chain latching on to the mock Facebook event “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” earlier this week. The event was created in early July, so three weeks later, the nimble and quick Arby’s marketing department have announced that they will be present in the vicinity of Area 51 at the time of the event (“planned” for early on the morning of September 20). The menu is “top secret”, but will presumably feature beef sandwiches.

While the people behind the event have been pretty clear that it’s a joke and that they won’t be dropping by an ultra-secure government installation in the middle of the Nevada desert in the middle of the night, the event took off to the point where it seems possible that some of the nearly two million attendees could show up to the Area 51 Alien Center, a roadside store near Area 51. If you’re one of those people, maybe you’ll be so hungry that you’ll take up an offer for some Arby’s beef in bread, because no joke on the internet can survive for long before being co-opted by The Brands™.

And in other news...

  • During Thursday’s European heatwave, it was so hot that (anecdotally speaking) some French people put down their cigarettes and wine in favor of water and office air conditioning. [Slate]
  • Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is putting forward a bill targeting “lunch shaming” of children and families without the means to pay for school lunches. It would include a ban on school districts using debt collectors to recoup debts. The bill comes after a Pennsylvania school district threatened families over unpaid school lunch debts. [Civil Eats]
  • A bunch of economists say that the Trump administration is overcompensating farmers affected by President’s Trump’s various trade disputes, paying out double what many farmers would actually need to offset losses. [NPR]
  • There’s a whole online community of keto diet people trying to “hack” alcoholic drinks so they can get drunk while still adhering to their dietary regime. [Esquire]
  • Looks like New York City is likely to ban foie gras from restaurants. [New Food Economy]
  • Now that a whole host of fast food companies have jumped on the fake meat bandwagon, it looks like plant-based eggs could be next in line for the celebrity treatment, as Canadian chain Tim Hortons becomes the first major outlet to put ‘em on the menu. [CNBC]
  • Major beer news site Brewbound has lost editor Chris Furnari. He resigned after making questionable comments about women’s bodies on a podcast episode with a focus on — yes, really — diversity and inclusion in the beer world. [Forbes]
  • Happy Friday, please enjoy this video on how to make a regular egg into a bouncy blue orb. [Twitter]