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Irresistible Food Pins and Patches and More Things to Buy This Week

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This post originally appeared on July 2, 2019, in Add to Cart — the weekly newsletter for people who love shopping (almost) as much as they love eating. Subscribe now.

We spotlight lots of cooking-related products in this newsletter as well as items spotted in restaurant dining rooms (or in the bathrooms). But there’s a whole other category of food-related products: cute stuff. Which is why I’m handing today’s Add to Cart over to Stefania Orrù and Esra Erol, Eater’s in-house experts on all things adorable (warning: they love puns):

My best friend once told me: “I like pretty things, you like awesome things.” And you know what? She was right. I’m nothing if not a fierce defender of all things awe-dorable. Non-edible household items shaped like cute fruit? Check. Everyday essentials in endless bright colors? Check. And do I own these bright yellow cheeseburger Vans? Duh. (RIP, but these will hit the spot!) — Stef, Eater video team’s coordinating producer

I love a good splash of color. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards cuter pins and prints, my favorite of which are made by Michele Lee, the design wizard behind Lucky Horse Press who I’ve loved since her TV dinner enamel pin was featured in the 2017 Eater Holiday Gift Guide. Her designs radiate a psychedelia that reminds me of ‘60s and ‘70s California, and the subject matter (TV dinners, ice cream trucks) evokes a charming sense of nostalgia. From a wide array of greeting cards to incredible art prints, it’s this kind of cute stuff that can improve anyone’s black-and-white day. — Esra, Eater’s senior social media editor

Check out their picks.

Things to buy, cuteness edition

  • The perfect introduction to Lucky Horse Press is this “Live Fast” print, a winning combination of drive-thru fare (cheeseburger, fries, soda) riding on the back of a hot dog mobile. Bonus: It’s also a pin. — Esra
  • I could see William Miller sporting this “Too Hot to Handle” patch on his denim jacket in Almost Famous. — Esra
  • Hungry now? There’s a cure for that (sort of). This “Hello I’m Hungry” patch from another one of my favorite shops, These Are Things. Fair warning: They have a lot of pins and patches so prepare to spend a good chunk of your time admiring all the things. — Esra
  • As a hybrid New Jerseyan-Yorker, I can’t say I favor the Chicago dog. But if a toppings explosion pickles your fancy, you can make sure everyone knows it by sporting this Chicago Dog pin. — Stef
  • You can have this Hoagie Pocket Tee from Dietz & Watson, as long as you tell people it’s a “sub. (Don’t @ me!) — Stef
  • Are seasonal cooking tools a thing? Take a stab at these fruity kitchen knives (and matching spatulas) and let us know. — Stef

Things to know

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