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Watch: How Chicken Chain Nando’s Became Woven Into the Fabric of the U.K.

The chain and its piri piri chicken is a huge part of the British identity

Char-grilled chicken represents summer barbecues, which, for a country like the United Kingdom that experiences nine months of dark skies and rain, the dish can act as an escape. Originating in South Africa and specializing in Mozambican chicken, it’s zero surprise that roast chicken chain Nando’s has become woven into the fabric of the United Kingdom, giving beans on toast a run for its money.

The chain restaurant squeezed itself comfortably into the space between fast food chains and full service restaurants; but the oil that keeps the Nando’s wheels turning is its piri piri sauce: an acidic and spicy sauce that gets coated onto every single chicken the chain turns out. Still, while Nando’s is a huge part of the British identity it’s still relatively unknown to the American public; except for those who get to run into the mouthwatering grilled chicken at stateside chain locations in Maryland, Virginia, or Illinois.

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