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Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals on Kitchen Gadgets Are (Still) Here

Prime Day(s) may technically be over, but some discounts are still available

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If Amazon Prime Day is good for anything, it’s for Instant Pots. (Heard of them?)

And air fryers, and Vitamixes, and sous vides. Basically, if you’re looking to shell out for a high-tech kitchen appliance, Prime Day is a fine (if overwhelming and aggressive) time to do it, with deals on gadgets like blenders and air fryers; pots and pans; and smaller tools like food scales. And even today, after the designated Monday and Tuesday of 2019 Prime Day are done, there are still some items on sale, proving that any concept of fixed prices is a long-gone fantasy and we’re all just willing subjects of retailers’ manipulation!

It’s important to avoid the common trap of buying a gadget just because it exists. (Are you really going to use a Ninja Foodi pressure cooker/steamer/airfryer? Do you make bread often enough to justify a whole machine? What will happen when the Instant Pot honeymoon glow wears off?) Also, not all products work great! Read the Amazon reviews, or better yet, watch and read expert reviews to see what chefs and other professionals really think. Because Amazon is overflowing of cooking products from brands you recognize, like Breville and the aforementioned Vitamix, and many you won’t, including brands like New House Kitchen that are actually “private label,” aka Amazon-created brands.

Ultimately, no matter which product you decide is best, it’s probably buried somewhere in the retail jungle that is Amazon. If you’re still shopping (and if you’re a Prime Day member — here’s how to get on that), here’s a selection of what’s still on sale:

Gadgets and appliances

Pots, pans, and bakeware

Smaller kitchen tools

Don’t miss a single Prime Day deal on kitchen essentials. And head right here for the latest savings in tech, gaming, and for the home.

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