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Watch: Wandering the Packed Stalls of Raohe, Taipei’s Best Night Market

On the season premiere of “Travel Eat Repeat,” Iz Harris samples pepper pork buns, stinky tofu, and more

Perhaps the best expression of Taiwan’s local food culture is its night markets: Chinese in its origin but totally unique to this place. In the country’s capital city alone there are 30 such markets, “Each brimming with a certain energy,” says Travel, Eat, Repeat host Iz Harris.

Harris is traveling Taipei for the second season of her video travel series, dotting busy night market visits and steaming bowls of beef noodle soup with long wanders through the cities temples and corners. In this first episode of the new season, Harris and her family are perusing the stalls at Raohe Night Market — the city’s must-hit street food destination and what Harris calls a “can’t miss food opportunity.”

The beauty here is you don’t [and shouldn’t] choose just one stall visit. Choose five or ten; wander, sample, join the locals perusing for whatever they’re craving that night.

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