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Toll House Unleashes Raw Cookie Dough Pints Made Just for Eating

Plus, there wasn’t any concrete in those milkshakes thrown at fascists, and other news to start your day

Two tubs of Nestle’s edible cookie dough Nestle Toll House

Because you can’t just eat any raw cookie dough, remember?

Nestle Toll House announced “Surprise!” after Cosmopolitan ran an article about their new edible cookie dough, which contains no eggs and thus is safe to eat raw. Health officials have long warned that the raw eggs and flour in cookie dough can contain salmonella and other bacteria, and need to be cooked thoroughly before they’re eaten. However, basically nobody follows their advice, because a) cookie dough is delicious, and b) half the thrill is the risk of death in every bite.

The company is the latest to get on the “edible raw dough” bandwagon, with edible cookie dough cafes open in pretty much every state, and many brands making their dough available at local grocery stores. But since Nestle is so keyed into what the public wants, maybe they could stop harvesting drinking water from national parks. [NY Post]

And in other news...

  • Tyra Banks just applied to trademark “Smize Cream,” an ice cream line named after her modeling trick of “smiling with your eyes,” and now we can’t stop saying Smize Cream. Smize Cream! [Page Six]
  • Japan has resumed commercial whaling after over 30 years, saying eating whale is an integral part of Japanese culture. [NBC News]
  • Subway is testing out milkshakes made with Halo Top, if you like the experience of drinking a milkshake and feeling slightly disappointed. [NRN]
  • Speaking of milkshakes, far-right Proud Boys tried to claim that milkshakes thrown at them at a protest in Portland contained “quick drying cement,” but there’s no evidence to support that. What remains true is that milkshakes are the best food to throw at fascists. [Insider]
  • A guide to what your H Mart purchase says about you (hint: buy your Oreos elsewhere). [LA Times]
  • Leah Chase of Dooky Chase’s in New Orleans had a long legacy of supporting African American artists. [Garden & Gun]
  • Jax and Brittany from Vanderpump Rules got married in Kentucky and served Hot Browns. Lisa Vanderpump was also there. [People]
  • Trump was served an American steak on his recent trip to Seoul. It was served “bulgogi sauce, pickled garlic leaves and other side dishes,” which we would be shocked if he touched. [Japan Today]
  • All AM Intel Coverage [E]

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