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Parisian Parents Rage After Schools Fed Kids Pre-Packaged Sandwiches For Lunch

Plus, say hello to “Jamba,” hold the “Juice”, and more food news to start your day

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A sandwich illustrative of the kind that may have been served to French schoolchildren.

After parent outcry, Paris school canteens apologize for serving students pre-packaged sandwiches

A Paris town hall that oversees local school canteens has been forced to apologize to outraged parents for serving their children pre-packaged “industrial triangular sandwiches,” aka the least offensive of the cafeteria foods American students are expected to shove in their pieholes for lunch every day.

French schools have a reputation for typically feeding their pupils balanced, nutritious, freshly prepared three-course meals, including a main dish, a side, and a dairy product. The offending sandwiches — dished up with tomatoes, bread and butter, a slice of watermelon, and an apple — were apparently served to 14,000 schoolchildren in Paris’s 18th arrondissement after a four-day weekend disrupted the regular meal delivery schedule, a spokesman for the local town hall said in defense of the decision.

Presented without comment, here are some choice quotes from angry parents: “The children had been promised what was described as a special picnic meal, but this is verging on a scandal.” “The tomatoes were supposed to be ‘organic and local’ but in fact they were Spanish.” “Our children have often been given food cooked several days in advance, reheated and served on plastic trays. This is unacceptable.”

The town hall apologized to parents and promised that, starting in September, all sandwiches served to students will be fresh. Meanwhile, American schoolchildren, have fun with your frozen pizza and mac and cheese.

And in other news…

  • In the face of American consumers who just aren’t buying sugary drinks like they used to, Jamba Juice is pulling a Dunkin’ and dropping the “Juice” from its name. [CNN]
  • Taco Bell’s nacho fries have returned for the summer. Starting yesterday, all forms of the nacho fries — original, “supreme,” “grande,” in a $5 combo box — are back on the menu for a limited time. [Foodbeast]
  • Jay-Z has been newly declared the first hip-hop artist to reach billionaire status, with his “single most lucrative investment” being his Ace of Spades champagne brand. Between that and a cognac investment, Beyonce’s husband’s total investment in alcohol is $410 million — a much higher sum than the $75 million he’s making from his music catalogue. [The Takeout]
  • Texas-based burger chain Whataburger jumps on the fashionable merch bandwagon, and the results are … actually not bad? [CultureMap Dallas]
  • Residents who live near Florida sugarcane fields have filed a lawsuit against sugar companies that engage in the controversial practice of sugar cane burning, citing negative health effects like increased infant mortality, asthma, and a “black snow” that drifts through the air and coats everything in ash. [New Food Economy]
  • Here’s David Chang getting a little spicy about the fact that Chick-fil-A food is full of MSG. [Twitter]
  • Guy Fieri hit up Lil Nas X asking for what would be the most fitting collab ever. Please, the world needs and deserves “Flavor Town Road.” [Twitter]

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