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Watch: A Diet Cola-Infused Pig Stew at New York City’s Fish Cheeks

Prime Time hosts Ben and Brent are in awe of a stew recipe that calls for star anise, cinnamon, and Diet Coke

The last time the Meat Hook owners and Prime Time hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young were around a recipe involving cola it was for Eater’s Real Chefs Cook Dumb Recipes, where they attempted a venison stew recipe from Ted and Shemane Nugent’s Kill It and Grill It cookbook — which called for two cans of Coca-Cola. Showing much more promise is a recipe for khao ka moo (Thai pork leg stew over rice) from essential New York City restaurant Fish Cheeks.

Khao ka moo has become ubiquitous with Thai cuisine, where nearly everyone takes liberties on the spices and aromatics that are involved. At Fish Cheeks, chef Ohm Suansilphong is using star anise, crushed garlic, cilantro stems, cinnamon, and Chinese yam. The recipe takes a bit of a left turn when Suansilphong adds Diet Coke (diet because there’s already a good amount of palm sugar in the stew).

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