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I Would Never Eat This Chowder Popsicle But I Will Defend It

The latest viral food controversy is here, and it’s cold and clammy

clam chowder
Clam chowder in its slow-moving liquid state.

If there’s one thing in 2019 you can count on, it’s that there will always be a new viral food about which people online have Very Strong Opinions. Today, I’m sorry to inform you, that food is a clam chowder popsicle.

Boston Magazine found the frozen treat while trawling the depths of the r/Boston subreddit, where a user posted a photo of the popsicle — apparently birthed from the unholy union of a Campbell’s can of chunky New England clam chowder, a popsicle mold, and a freezer — with the caption “Summah is here! #NewEngland #clamchowdah.” (The photo had been making the rounds on Reddit for a few days, but Boston Magazine can be blamed for elevating it to national attention.)

Naturally, reactions on social media were swift and largely hostile.

Now, let me preface by stating that I would never eat this beige, clam-flecked popsicle (I’m currently a vegetarian, sorry, shut up!!!), but I will defend it. My arguments are as follows:

1) It’s just a savory creamsicle.

2) Let the people of Boston have their moment — and their “summah” treat. They have so little else going on for them. (Except Eater Boston.)