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Watch: Slow-Roasting a Juicy Porchetta Over an Open Fire

Prime Time takes on the fatty Italian pork dish at Fish & Game in Hudson, NY

Traditional Italian porchetta is made with the entire loin and belly section of a pig, with the crowd-pleasing roast carefully arranged and stuffed with liver and fresh herbs, and covered in crispy pork fat; all of it most often cooks over an open fire. Eater’s Prime Time hosts and local New York butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young have prepared porchetta countless times; they even attempted a beef version in another episode of the series.

But in this episode, the duo is visiting executive chef Kevin Pomplun of Fish & Game in New York’s Hudson Valley to learn how Pomplun makes an off-menu porchetta for large parties to feast on. Pomplun follows the tradition, stuffing his porchetta with fresh herbs and pig farce — finely chopped and seasoned meat, in this case pork shoulder.

The chosen garnish at Fish & Game is a little less traditional, a blend of maple, fish sauce, pork jus, vinegar, fermented chile, salted chiles, and shallot. “All of these marry so well,” says Turley. “It’s going to play so beautifully to pork fat.”

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