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Watch Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel Mock the Starbucks Cup on ‘Game of Thrones’

Colbert says it’s “the biggest anachronism in popular fantasy since Gollum’s Big Gulp”

Sorry, Arya! The most popular character on Game of Thrones this week is actually the random cup of coffee that appeared in front of Daenerys Targaryen during the feast after the Battle of Winterfell. The creators of the show owned up to the mistake yesterday, but that didn’t stop the late-night comedians from ripping into the gaffe that shook the Seven Kingdoms to its core.

During his desk segment last night, Colbert joked that the coffee cup was “the biggest anachronism in popular fantasy since Gollum’s Big Gulp,” while also noting that it “explains why last week’s episode was so dark — they were trying to hide all the coffee cups.” Colbert then launched into an elaborate fan theory about how the cup was actually supposed to be in the scene. “Daenerys is known as ‘The Unburnt,” Colbert quipped. “Why? Because her coffee beans are always perfectly roasted, and like all Starbucks customers, her name is constantly misspelled and she’s obsessed with finding a seat.” The late night host also suggested that she may have used the Infinity Gauntlet to time travel into the future and grab the coffee, a theory that is illuminated in his un-produced screenplay, Endgame of Infinity Thrones: Please Keep These Franchises Going, I Need This!

The Late Show team also imagined what it might look like for Daenerys to pick up her coffee at the Winterfell Starbucks

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel also took some time out of monologue to joke about some fans’ claims that the cup took them out of the episode. “Because a Starbucks cup is what makes the show feel not real — not the dragons, not the zombies made of ice,“ Kimmel joked. The host also shared a very specific, food-related gripe about the show. “I hate the scenes in Game of Thrones when they’re eating and drinking, because it drives me nuts to hear the actors slurping from those goblets — it makes the hairs on my back stand up,” Kimmel said. “No manners at all during the Game of Thrones times! Instead of an episode you can’t see, I’d like one you can’t hear if they’re going to do that drinking thing.”

And in other Game of Thrones news, the Verge team notices that HBO actually digitally removed the disposable cup from the episode on its streaming app HBO Go. But there’s no erasing the memory of this bizarre moment, which belongs in the Game of Thrones Meme Hall of Fame, right up there with passive-aggressive Khaleesi face and creepy Bran stare.

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