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Chance the Rapper and Twitter Convinced Wendy’s to Bring Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Plus, a Trump tweet inspires renewed interest in stollen bread, and more news to start your day

wendy’s chicken nuggets Photo: Nick Solares/Eater

Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets are making a return thanks to a viral tweet

It’s official: Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets are coming back two years after being discontinued. How? Chance the Rapper, noted pizza-slasher film actor, tweeted on Saturday a series of “positive affirmations” that included the wishful return of the nuggets. Wendy’s, never one to let a viral moment slip past, quote-tweeted Chance and claimed that 2 million likes could convince “the people in charge” to bring back the nuggets. By Sunday night, it was a done deal, although the brand noted that “[w]e don’t know when yet, gotta figure it out, but soon.”

But spicy chicken nuggets and a feel-good #brand moment aren’t enough to make up for Wendy’s labor practices, including a refusal to join a program protecting farm workers from sexual misconduct, as some activists and celebrities pointed out. “Instead of spicy nuggets, we want food that is harvested with dignity NOT violence,” Amy Schumer wrote on Instagram. Wonder when the Wendy’s Twitter account will embark on a viral campaign to enact that change?

And in other news…

  • Dominique Crenn revealed on Instagram that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. “As I work through this new challenge I will be in my kitchen as much as humanely [sic] possible because being there, engaged in my craft, and with those I love so dearly is what fuels me,” she wrote. [@dominiquecrenn]
  • Nearly 12 million pounds of Tyson chicken strips have been recalled because they may contain metal. Is that what that taste is? [CNN]
  • Makers of white whine — oops, wine — are outraged about the lack of a white wine or rosé emoji. This is an actual quote from a real person: “For wine people, if I’m tweeting about a Duckhorn Sauvignon blanc, it’s a slap across the face to use a red wine emoji.” [NY Post]
  • First covfefe, now this? In a now-deleted tweet from Sunday, President Trump delivered a yeasty spin on his ongoing diatribe against Democrats, saying they “have stollen two years of my (our) Presidency (Collusion Delusion) that we will never be able to get back.” His replies were filled with all the normal #resistance clapbacks, this time centered on the German Christmas fruit-and-nut bread that is stollen. [Twitter Moments]
  • Polar Beverages is getting into spiked seltzer with new standalone brand Arctic Summer. [Telegram]
  • The ring pop wrapper from Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Vegas wedding is for sale for $10-$1,000. “wrapper is in very good but slightly used wrapper on foil like material,” the eBay description reads. [TMZ]
  • A photo of a chef eating while seated on what looks like a trash can has spread across social media, sparking discussions of kitchen culture and how restaurant employees eat in their hectic workplaces. [Forbes]

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