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The Week in Guy Fieri: Flavortown Days, Hollywood Nights

Nobody had more fun over the last ten days than the Triple D host

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The inventor of the tuna poke won-taco himself, Guy Fieri, had a week full of rip-roaring surprises, including a tour of Beantown with the Red Rocker and a star-studded karaoke jam in the Hollywood hills. Here’s a totally out-of-bounds recap of how it all went down:

The flame man rocks the Walk of Fame

Getty/Frazer Harrison

After thanking the denizens of Flavortown and receiving a warm embrace from his brother from another mother Matthew McConaughey, Fieri left his Hollywood Walk of Fame induction ceremony and headed to the hills behind Chateau Marmont for an afterparty attended by numerous musical virtuosos. According to Page Six, Guido rocked the mic with his pals Diplo and Bret Michaels, who joined the Food Network hero in a rousing rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama.” (Die-hard Fieri fanatics know that Guy and his son Hunter are tight with Skynyrd IRL). Speaking of Hunter, the younger Fieri also showed off an impressive tattoo of his dad’s Walk of Fame star on Instagram. And, as a sweet tribute to their Oakleys-loving boss, the staff of Guy’s Las Vegas Kitchen and Bar baked a special cake replica of the newest Fieri-themed monument.

Sammy and Guy love that dirty water

Fieri and Hagar go together like Cajun chicken and creamy fettuccine alfredo — extremely potent on their own, but completely unstoppable as a combo. These two troublemakers have collaborated on a cookbook and their own brand of tequila in the past, and this week Captain Cabo Wabo joined Doctor Donkey Sauce on a cruise through Beantown in a cherry red Camaro. Their New England joy ride will appear on a future episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Brace.

The Platinum Prince adds yet another jewel to his crown

But hanging with Hagar wasn’t the Mayor of Flavortown’s only reason for gracing Boston with his spiky presence: Mr. Knuckle Sandwich was also in town to announce the opening of a brand new restaurant called Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina. This 185-seat behemoth inside the Big Night Live development will serve a menu of Latin American-style dishes along with 70 tequilas — familiar territory for the Triple D host, who also runs similar restaurants in Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada. “Boston has always been one of my favorite cities to hit for DDD… great people and even better food,” Fieri said in an announcement. “So, to have the chance to start the party at Big Night Live with my Tequila Cocina, I couldn’t be more stoked!” The Wahlbergs better watch their backs, because there’s a new big dog in Beantown.

No word yet on what Fieri has on his agenda for next week, but it could involve anything from boogie boarding with Spuds MacKenzie to setting the Guinness World Record for largest jalapeño popper to rocking out with Bill and Ted in a brand new excellent adventure.

Stay tuned for any and all updates from Flavortown as they become available.

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