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Is the LaCroix Trend Running out of Gas?

Plus, Tom Petty’s family is fighting over salad dressing, and more news to start your day


Is LaCroix turning to Lacrap?

LaCroix’s fruity and lightly-flavored bubble may have burst: Bloomberg reports that the sparkling water brand’s sales are in “free fall”. The stocks of National Beverage Corp, which owns LaCroix, also tumbled 10 percent this week, and are down 62 percent from last September.

In short, it looks like the LaCroix trend may have run out of gas — in recent years, the brand’s jazzy, colorful design and myriad flavors drew an obsessive following, with people ranking flavors and creating LaCroix bathing suits. But it’s worth noting that sparkling water sales have picked up a lot recently, so it could be that other companies trying to get in on the bubbly water buzz are simply dividing sales. After all, LaCroix has been around for decades, so it had a head start when sparkling water finally got hip. Now, it seems the brand might be headed back into the obscurity from whence it came, re-adopting its mantle as the preferred beverage of midwestern moms and Florida teens. (Sexual harassment complaints against the LaCroix CEO probably didn’t help).

And in other news...

  • A new book from former HuffPo writer Ryan Grim reveals that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stormed out of a job at NYC restaurant Coffee Shop when a manager started ranking staff by their attractiveness, and assigning the best sections based on those “rankings”. [Jezebel]
  • Tom Petty’s family is having a weird dispute over...salad dressing? His daughter Adria wants to use Petty’s name and image on a line of salad dressing; Petty’s widow, Dana is suing because (to paraphrase) it’s very tacky. [Page Six]
  • While all the hype around fake meat has been focused on pretty young things like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, the Wall Street Journal would like to remind you that giants like Kellogg’s and Conagra are well-placed to get in on the game. [WSJ]
  • Speaking of planty meat, KFC is considering some kind of substitute chicken-adjacent substance for its menu, but isn’t ready to commit yet. Meanwhile, KFC Indonesia is going the other direction by introducing deep-fried chicken skin to its menu. [CNN/Kotaku]
  • Here’s a rundown of approximately how much various fast food chains pay their workers. Spoiler: almost every one pays around $8 to $9 per hour, and In-N-Out easily has the highest wages. [Business Insider]
  • NBC has cancelled sitcom Abby’s, which could loosely be described as “Cheers but with an illegal backyard bar in San Diego”. [AV Club]
  • The founder of east coast diner chain Friendly’s has died at the age of 102. [NYT]
  • Ben and Jerry’s is planning its most chilled ice cream yet, with pints of frozen dairy infused with CBD. [PopSugar]
  • Dollar Tree is going to start selling alcohol; no word as to whether it will be priced at $1. [WXYZ]