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Mangoes Become a Life-Saving Fruit Amid Venezuela’s Political Crisis

Plus, avocado prices are still high, and more news to start your day

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People call them ‘the noise takers’ for quietening hunger pangs

Food shortages, extremely high inflation, and an ongoing political crisis continue to wreak havoc in Venezuela, but as NPR reports, the country’s mango trees are providing one source of relief. The country is in a prime climate for growing mangoes, and trees usually yield fruit for one month, three times a year.

NPR spoke to a variety of Venezuelans who rely heavily on mangoes to supplement their diets. One person called them “the real humanitarian aid” during a time when 90 percent of Venezuelan families don’t have funds for food.

And in other news...

  • With Cinco de Mayo looming, you might run up an higher-than-average guacamole bill: Avocado prices are still rather high due to smaller-than-average harvests in California. [Bloomberg]
  • A new study suggests that different people might smell whiskey, beets, and various other things in a completely different ways. How do I know if your blue is my blue, man? [NYT]
  • Meat-substitute magnates Beyond Meat went public on the U.S. stock market Thursday and tripled expectations (the company is also handing out a bunch of free food today, via various fast food chains). [Market Watch]
  • In other faux-meat news, Ikea is looking to create a new vegetarian meatball. [CNN]
  • On the Atlantic coast of France, conservationists are concerned that fishing trawlers keep accidentally catching dolphins in their nets. [NYT]
  • Despite the fact that Congress ruled pizza to be a vegetable back in 2011 (at least in the context of school meals), it seems that the food in school cafeterias is generally getting more nutritious, thanks in part to Michelle Obama’s campaigning on the issue. [New Food Economy]
  • As Congress uses subpoenas to get members of the Trump family to turn over financial records, Donald Trump’s son Eric is half-joking, half-complaining that Congress is asking for too many details, such as how many beers Tiffany Trump has while day-drinking. [People]
  • What are the consumer masses using to fill the void today? These very popular plastic color-changing Starbucks cups. [Business Insider]
  • An Ohio woman attempted to get out of a drink driving charge by claiming that the Taco Bell nachos she had were making her drive erratically. []

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