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‘Egg Boy,’ the Aussie Teen Who Egged a Conservative Senator, Donates Nearly $70,000 to Christchurch Mosque Attack Victims

Plus, Olive Garden serves zoodles now, and other news to start your day

Will Connolly aka EGG BOY cracking an egg on Fraser Anning’s head
Egg Boy’s viral moment, which was covered by major news networks like CNN.

Egg Boy remains a good egg, donates nearly $70,000 to victims of Christchurch mosque attacks

“Egg Boy,” the Australian teen who filmed himself smashing an egg on the head of a far-right politician after the mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, has donated close to $70,000 USD, or nearly $100,000 AUD, to victims of the massacre.

Will Connolly, 17, gained prominence after his tussle with then-Sen. Fraser Anning, who blamed the terrorist shootings in which 51 people were killed on Muslim immigration. After cracking an egg atop Anning’s head during an interview which was broadcast by major news networks like CNN, Connolly was punched by Anning and then tackled to the ground. Supporters raised $99,922.36 AUD through two crowdfunding campaigns for the teen’s legal fees (and to “buy more eggs”), but a law firm volunteered to handle his case pro bono, and Connolly was let off with only an official caution instead of charges. He announced on Instagram that he has donated all the raised funds to the Christchurch Foundation and Victim Support. “To the victims of the Tragedy, I whole heartedly hope that this can bring some relief to you,” Connolly wrote. “Keep spreading the love. ❤️ ”

And in other news…

  • A bar owner in the U.K. is facing criticism after publicly complaining about customers who only order tap water. You could say she’s now in … hot water. [Vice]
  • Pizza Hut is changing its pan pizzas for the first time in 40 years. The new pies, which are available starting today, are made with “state-of-the-art pan technology,” whatever that means. [CNN]
  • Looks like meatless meat pays — according to a new report, the Impossible Whopper boosted Burger King foot traffic by 18 percent in its test market of St. Louis. [CNBC]
  • Breaking news: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has strong opinions about sour mix and will be returning to her bartending roots this week to show support for the federal Raise the Wage Act. [Twitter]
  • Domino’s is taking the Big Brother route and installing cameras and AI technology above prep stations in Australia and New Zealand to make sure all pizzas are delivered exactly as advertised. [The Takeout]
  • In what is perhaps a moment of desperation, Olive Garden is now serving zoodles — because when you’re here, you’re craving low-calorie health food trends? [PopSugar]
  • Cool Dad Will Smith treated his Aladdin costars and crew to a mac and cheese buffet and other food trucks on set while shooting the film. [People]
  • Just a reminder that death comes for us all someday:

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