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Kansas Buffalo Wild Wings Accused of Denying Service to Black Customers

Plus, Guy Fieri hits Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and more news to start your day


Employees reportedly said that “Blacks don’t give good tips”

A former Buffalo Wild Wings employee is taking the bar chain to court, alleging that managers at an Overland, Kansas location regularly made racist remarks and also permitted employees to deny service to black customers.

The employee behind the lawsuit worked as a cook at Buffalo Wild Wings for 12 years, and says he was fired for speaking out about discrimination. The plaintiff says he was introduced to a coworker as the “angry black man”, and often faced racist remarks which were dismissed as jokes. He also says he was denied promotions and raises despite being a senior employee. The lawsuit also calls the restaurant a “racially hostile work environment”, with the notable allegation that managers allowed staff to deny service to customers on the basis of race, with white employees claiming that “blacks don’t give good tips”. The chain says it’s investigating the claims.

And in other news...

  • America’s most American chef, Guy Fieri, has been given the credit he deserves with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame — only the third chef to do so, after Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay. [People]
  • A group of New Yorkers launched a class action against Starbucks, claiming that its stores used toxic pesticide strips to keep insects away. [NBC]
  • The test kitchen for iconic magazine Ebony is set to be enshrined in Brooklyn’s Museum of Food and Drink, and will also tour the country. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Plastic straws and stirrers are out in the UK, as the government somehow found time to ban them, amidst all the Brexit drama. [CNN]
  • Jamie Oliver sent a rather nice email to his staff upon the total collapse of his restaurant empire (although it doesn’t excuse the fact that staff were only told about their futures the day everything went under). [Metro]
  • So, that whole thing where Google’s robots call restaurants to make reservations and sound uncannily lifelike? Turns out it’s actually Google humans on the end of the line sometimes. [NYT]
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention would like you to please and thank you not kiss any of your backyard chickens because salmonella. [Boston 25]
  • The New Hampshire school cafeteria saga drags on — after a woman was fired for giving free food to a kid, the company that fired her is now claiming she hadn’t charged that student for months. [CNN]
  • Burger King’s bizarre tour de thirst continues on Twitter, as the chain seems to be offering to pay off people’s student loans before wiring them five bucks, which is definitely not going to disappoint anybody. [Twitter]
  • Finally, a counterpoint to all the Burger Kingses and Wendy’ses on social media. [Twitter]