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Watch: What Is the Best Knife Sharpener Under $200?

Testing four gadgets ranging from $11 to $180

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Chelsea Miller is one of the country’s premier knife makers who just like any chef understands the importance of maintaining a knife’s sharpness both to keep it effective but also to give the knife a longer life. There are a slew of techniques from the chef-favored and traditional whetstone method to slightly more do it yourself options like using the base of a mug or a nail file when it comes to knife sharpening; and there are even more options that are marketed to cut sharpening time in half.

Testing out four knife sharpeners in this episode of the Kitchen Gadget Test Show is host Esther Choi who is joined by Miller. To test them all Choi and Miller are using a basic chef’s knife that retails for less than $20. Even cheaper is the first sharpener up for testing: an $11 handheld option Accu Sharp. Slightly less dangerous is the SunrisePro for $13; the knife people at Wusthof make their own sharpener that’s $180; and the definitely intimidating sharpener from Work Sharp costs $129.

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