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Watch: Will a $400 Steam Oven Actually Improve Your Cooking?

Testing out Sharp’s home cooking adaptation of the combination steam oven, a pricey restaurant kitchen essential

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A lot of chefs and professional kitchens have something called the combi oven — combi standing for combination since it comes with three cooking functions: convection, steaming, and its combination mode. The last function uses both dry heat and steam to maintain exact humidity levels making it a lot easier to control the moisture levels in food. The problem with such a genius gadget is that it comes at a large price tag; Kitchen Gadget Test Show host Esther Choi spent $20,000 on her’s, and bought it used.

Choi has always wanted to test out a countertop combi oven for the home, so in this episode of the Kitchen Gadget Test Show she’s giving the Sharp Superheated Steam Countertop Oven a test. Coming in at $376 this countertop option is certainly a bargain compared to restaurant-grade options, but is it worth it? “If it can do anything close to the commercial type then you’ve got yourself something really amazing that can diversify your cooking,” says Choi.

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