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JFK’s Retro Bar Inside a Plane Is Weirdly Tempting

From the Editor: Everything you missed in food news last week

TWA Hotel
Connie’s bar at the TWA Hotel
Rico Cruz/Eater

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I spent far too many minutes on Google Maps this week trying to figure out the best timing for a cab to JFK just to check out the new bars and restaurants at the brand spanking new TWA hotel. And my husband and I had a long text exchange speculating if we could walk in Saturday night to the bar in an airplane, Connie’s, given the resys at all the properties are long gone.

Why? 1. It seems like a fun thing to do. 2. This collection of retro-themed destinations has been in the works for ages and includes a cocktail bar on a plane, a sunken lounge, a Jean-Georges restaurant, and a POOL BAR OVERLOOKING THE TARMAC, not to mention a hotel (that rents out rooms for 4 hours if that’s your thing) and a TWA museum. 3. It’s one of New York’s most iconic buildings and Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece, and it’s been hidden from view for almost two decades before being painstakingly restored to its 1962 glory.

It’s all quite Disney, in the best way. Or I guess if they’ve pulled it off it’ll be like Disney. If they fail it’ll feel like ... being at an airport but without the flight. The more I look at this photo of the line to get into the airplane bar during press previews, the more it reminds me of boarding in Group 9 last week. There may be a thin line between fantasy and drudgery.

TWA Hotel Rico Cruz/Eater

But I’m not the only one intrigued. By the looks of the traffic to our coverage, the inquiries from friends and readers, and the way news of this project can light up a Slack channel on Eater and our sister site Curbed, the public seems, for the time being, fascinated.

The most reasonable move would be to book a table before or after a trip out of JFK. Unless you’re an architecture buff. Or you live with a person who watches videos of planes landing on YouTube in his spare time. In which case I’ll see you there.

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