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Watch: How Yakitori Master Atsushi Kono Makes 13 Skewers Out of One Chicken

Honoring all parts of the chicken, from the tail to the skin — and some knees in between

Customers paying a visit to their local butcher shop know to look for chicken leg, thigh, and breast when shopping for the poultry; but there’s so much more from the bird that could be of use. For yakitori master Atsushi Kono, every part of the chicken is worth honoring, from its main artery known as hatsumoto, to its neck skin and belly skin, to yes, especially the knee bone.

In this episode of Prime Time, Kono is showing Meat Hook owners Ben Turley and Brent Young how to cut a chicken in a way that’s completely different from how they do it every day, making 13 skewers including knee, tail, thigh, and oyster (small pieces near the thigh).

“Yakitori allows you to enjoy specific parts of the chicken separately,” said Kono on his episode of Eater’s Omakase. “Customers can enjoy the different flavor, texture, and fat of the chicken.”

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