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Michelin Announces First-Ever Guide to Japan’s Aichi, Gifu, and Mie Prefectures

There are three new three-star restaurants in Japan

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A dish from Kappou Nishimura, which has two stars in the new guide
Kappou Nishimura [Official]
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Japan’s coastal Tokai region is the Michelin guide’s latest subject. The French tire company granted stars to 68 restaurants in Japan’s Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures. The new guide adds to Japan’s already substantial number of Michelin stars: In Tokyo, there are 230 starred restaurants (the most of any city), Kyoto has 103 Michelin stars, and Osaka has 97.

The new guide features three restaurants with three stars, Michelin’s highest rank: Sushi Ueda and Hijikata, both in Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture, and Komada, a sushi restaurant in the seaside city of Ise in Mie Prefecture.

There are 14 restaurants with two Michelin stars, including kaiseki restaurants Kaiseki Hachisen in Nagoya and Kaiseki Kamimura in Ise; Nagoya sushi spots Sushi Shunbi Nishikawa and Sushi Hijikata; and tempura specialist Tempura Niitome, also in Nagoya. The Michelin blog points out that one Chinese restaurant and two French restaurants made the two-star list: Gifu city restaurant Shosaichuka Hiro, and Nagoya restaurants La Vagabonde and Reminiscence, respectively. It should be noted that Michelin inspectors love French fine dining just as much if not more than Japanese — France boasts 632 restaurants with Michelin stars.

The remaining 51 restaurants among the starred selections sit at the one-star rank. As always, the guide includes a number of Bib Gourmand selections. In the Aichi-Gifu-Mie guide, that’s restaurants serving meals under 5,000 Yen. There are 102 of them, including a few serving hitsumabushi, a dish of eel over rice that’s a Nagoya specialty. Stay tuned for the full list of Aichi-Gifu-Mie stars.

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