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‘SNL’ Cooks Up a Pitch Perfect ‘Chopped’ Parody

One contestant goes home for serving a kitten inside a bun

With over 500 episodes in the bank, the Food Network’s cooking competition show Chopped was long overdue for an SNL parody — and last night’s Emma Thompson-hosted episode finally delivered the goods. The sketch features Thompson as judge Amanda Freitag, Aidy Bryant as Alex Guarnaschelli, Alex Moffat as Geoffrey Zakarian, and Beck Bennett as host Ted Allen. Like every episode of the show, the competition involves one oddball ingredient — a “five pound horse penis” in this case — and a few dishes that go completely off the rails as the clock runs down.

Instead of cooking an artichoke slider for the judges, a competitor named Georgina (played by Leslie Jones) gives them a kitten inside a hamburger bun, and her salad is deemed to be “overdressed” since it’s wearing a mini tuxedo. For her main course, Claire (Melissa Villaseñor) delivers a steak that spits profanities, while Georgina serves Zakarian divorce papers. And, because there’s always so much drama surrounding the ice cream machine, the dessert round features Georgina pulling a gun on Claire as they race to claim the kitchen appliance. Ultimately, Georgina goes home for serving the cat on a bun, but she tells the camera, “I”m definitely disappointed, and maybe I’m not the Chopped champion but I didn’t sign a release, so y’all can’t use any of this.”

Freitag and Guarnaschelli expressed their immediate approval of this sketch on Twitter last night.

Last night’s episode also tackled the Game of Thrones coffee cup flub with a sketch about more continuity errors in movies and TV shows that you might have missed, such as the White Castle Crave Case in the 2016 remake of Roots, and the bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips that appeared in Shakespeare in Love.

And, finally, Thompson also starred in a cut-for-time fake commercial for England’s newest energy drink, Twinnings Extreme:

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